Johnson City, TN – In 2024, Dr. Enuf celebrates 75 years of business success and cultural impact in East Tennessee. To mark this milestone, a special Dr. Enuf Day is planned for June 27th, 2024. The celebration will begin with a press conference at the Johnson City Visitors Center, attended by the mayor and state representatives to officially recognize the day.

The festivities will continue in the evening at the TVA Credit Union Ball Park, where the Johnson City Doughboys will face off against the Elizabethton River Riders. Attendees will enjoy 75-cent Dr. Enuf drinks and special 75th Anniversary T-Shirts will be tossed
out during the game. Join us for a great night of Appalachian League baseball and a fantastic celebration of Dr. Enuf on Dr. Enuf Day.

Founded in 1946 by Charles O. Gordon as Tip Bottling Company, it became Tri-City Beverage Corporation in 1947. By 1949, Tri-City Beverage was bottling Dr. Enuf, a vitamin-fortified drink that quickly gained local popularity.

Innovative Marketing and Devoted Following
Gordon’s innovative marketing strategies, such as front-page-like ads and backward-folded newspapers, helped Dr. Enuf stand out in a crowded market. Marketed as the “original energy booster,” Dr. Enuf’s unique health benefits and distinctive taste fostered a dedicated following. Fans of Dr. Enuf often develop a deep loyalty to the brand, and even those who move away can still order it online to satisfy their craving for this unique beverage.

Ongoing Legacy
Today, Tri-City Beverage, still owned and operated by the Gordon Family, and led by Gordon’s son Chuck, continues to produce Dr. Enuf using pure cane sugar and glass bottles, preserving its quality and flavor. The company also bottles beverages for other brands, taking advantage of the scarcity of glass bottling lines to maintain a niche market.

This day of recognition aims to celebrate Dr. Enuf’s enduring presence and its significant impact on East Tennessee’s culture and business landscape. Charles Gordon’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality have ensured that Dr. Enuf remains a symbol of regional pride and business success in East Tennessee. Through innovative marketing, strategic growth, and an unwavering focus on quality, Dr. Enuf has carved out a unique place in the hearts of its consumers and continues to thrive as a beloved regional brand.

For more information, please contact:
Chuck Gordon,
Tri-City Beverage
714 Rolling Hills Dr
Johnson City, TN 37604


🛒✨ Step back in time to the early 50s when Dr. Enuf store displays adorned every corner of Johnson City! From the Kress store to People’s Drug store, these whimsical setups were all the rage, offering free posters alongside a 4-pack of Dr. Enuf. 🎉

Check out this snapshot from Kroger in 1951—can you spot the signs that read “For Aches and Pains,” “Feel the Flush of Youth Again,” and “I am not nervous or run down with Dr. Enuf”? These displays were eye-catching and oh-so-catchy, spreading the word about Dr. Enuf far and wide! 📣🥤

Do you still have one of those vintage posters? Share a pic with us! Let’s keep the nostalgia alive—post your finds in the comments below! 📸🕰️ #DrEnufHistory #ThrowbackThursday #VintagePosters

Calling all Dr. Enuf enthusiasts and history buffs! Dive deep into the incredible journey of the Original Energy Booster with “Tri-City Beverage – Dr. Enuf Mountain Dew and More” a book written by Dick Bridgforth.

Dick’s father worked for Dr. Enuf for many years. Together with his insight, there’s extensive research and storytelling peer into the lives of Dr. Enuf’s founders, the intersection of Mountain Dew and Pepsi, and every fascinating detail about the rich history of Dr. Enuf.

As we celebrate 75 years, this book is a treasure trove of knowledge and nostalgia and serves as the foundation for our stories this year.

Available on Amazon, it’s a must-read for anyone who’s ever sipped on a Dr. Enuf and wondered about the story behind the legend.

Grab your copy and look for more stories throughout the year.

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Dive into history with us as we share another gem from the past for our 75th Anniversary! Check out this vintage Dr. Enuf bottle, where it all began!

This light green beauty, known as Bt01.1, was one of the first to hit the streets in Eastern Tennessee. With its paper label and 7-ounce size, it carried the promise of a “Dietary Supplement Contained In A Delicious Lime and Lemon Flavor.”

Some collectors consider these bottles to be one-of-a-kind treasures, a true testament to our journey from the very beginning.

Who else loves a taste of history? Have you ever collected a Dr. Enuf bottle? Which one was your favorite?

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