Dr. Enuf arrives at Tri-Cities Airport – 1949

Dr. Enuf is turning 75 in 2024, and we’re taking a look at this Flashback of a legendary moment in our origins here in the Appalachian Highlands!

When the iconic Dr. Enuf formula, crafted by Bill Swartz in Chicago in 1949, touched down on Appalachian soil, it was considered so precious that it was guarded by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Take a look at this flashback photo of our founder Charles Gordon who staged the photo, and President/Plant Manager Jack Fleming who started a legend that has been passed down through generations.

As part of our 75th anniversary, we’re grateful for the support of our Dr. Enuf family and friends. We have more than Enuf to share in the future and we thank you for your support. Our fans are the best!