🛒✨ Step back in time to the early 50s when Dr. Enuf store displays adorned every corner of Johnson City! From the Kress store to People’s Drug store, these whimsical setups were all the rage, offering free posters alongside a 4-pack of Dr. Enuf. 🎉

Check out this snapshot from Kroger in 1951—can you spot the signs that read “For Aches and Pains,” “Feel the Flush of Youth Again,” and “I am not nervous or run down with Dr. Enuf”? These displays were eye-catching and oh-so-catchy, spreading the word about Dr. Enuf far and wide! 📣🥤

Do you still have one of those vintage posters? Share a pic with us! Let’s keep the nostalgia alive—post your finds in the comments below! 📸🕰️ #DrEnufHistory #ThrowbackThursday #VintagePosters