The Drinks

Dr. Enuf Regular 12 Ounce

Nutritional Information

The original energy booster  is available in our classic lemon lime 12 and 10 oz. bottles.

Diet Dr. Enuf 12 Oz.

Nutritional Information

We also make Diet Dr. Enuf, with no calories and all the taste you would expect from the original energy booster.

Herbal Dr. Enuf 12 Oz.

Nutritional Information

New Herbal Dr. Enuf adds a bright cherry flavor with hints ginseng and guarana to Dr. Enuf’s original formula of B-vitamins and pure cane sugar.

Diet Dr. Enuf Herbal

Nutritional Information

We also make Diet Herbal Dr. Enuf. A refreshing cherry flavor with no calories and all the taste you would expect from the original herbal energy booster.

For nearly half a century, there’s been a legend growing from the mountains of East Tennessee. It is all about a refreshing soft drink enriched with vitamins and minerals. Dr. Enuf has been providing a great tasting boost of energy since 1949. Over the years, the testimonials have poured in from Dr. Enuf drinkers, claiming all sorts of benefits and “cures.” While we don’t make any claims, other than the fact that Dr. Enuf does contain these vitamins and minerals, the letters keep coming in.

The History of Dr. Enuf is as rich in flavor as the drink itself

The year was 1949 when Tri-City Beverage Corporation began bottling a vitamin-enriched lemon-lime soft drink known as Dr. Enuf. The locals quickly heralded the drink as “Manna from Heaven,” a description of the drink coined by the formula’s inventor. In those days, the drink was thought to have the ability to relieve “untold misery” from aches and pains, stomach disturbances, and that tired run-down feeling. Even now, testimonial letters continue to fuel the legend.

Tired of colas? Ready for a refreshing, great tasting, nutritious soft drink? It’s still here. Dr, Enuf, the original energy booster!

For retailers, our Point-Of-Sale items with brilliant colors and the high visibility of the Dr. Enuf name will increase product awareness and help build impulse sales. The word is getting out about Dr. Enuf, and this eye-catching signage will have your customers reaching for more than just a great tasting soft drink. Dr. Enuf is enriched with vitamins that are good for you! Beverage consumers are more health conscious, looking for a change, as proven by the popularity of New Age beverages, such as teas, sport drinks, sparkling waters and fruit beverages. Dr. Enuf fits into this “New Age” even though we’ve been around since 1949. We are the original energy booster, adding vitamins and minerals known to help the body turn sugars into energy. “Rich In Vitamins” is highlighted on many of our Point-of-Sale items to attract this health wise market.