New Packaging Expands Regional Favorite

Tri-City Beverage Adds Plastic Bottle to Dr. Enuf Brand
(Johnson City, TN) Tri-City Beverage has introduced new packaging to expand its product offering availability. Dr. Enuf, the company’s vitamin-enriched, lemon-lime drink and cherry-flavored herbal drinks are now available in 16-ounce plastic bottles for the first time in company history.

The new packaging will enable the company to expand its channels of distribution through the use of vending machines and penetrate new areas where glass containers are prohibited.

“We have found that in the regional and local markets we could expand our growth by being able to place our products in vending machines,” says Vice president of Regional Sales Greg Lyon. “Our distribution had been limited to convenience stores, grocery stores and other retail locations. With the added convenience of vending machines, we can distribute our products almost anywhere. Numerous vending machines have already been placed throughout the Tri-Cities.”

Dr Enuf in glass bottles also restricted where the products could be sold and distributed.

“The plastic container will enable us to provide Dr. Enuf where bottles are not allowed such as pools, schools and in manufacturing plants,” said Patrick Sturgill, Vice President of Local Sales. “Sporting events, community centers and other locations where numerous Dr Enuf customers visited could not get their favorite drinks. Now they will be able to enjoy their favorite Dr. Enuf drink in a plastic bottle at their favorite events.”

Dr. Enuf is a registered product of Tri-City Beverage. Tri-City Beverage Corporation is a privately owned and operated business based in Johnson City, Tennessee. For additional information on Tri-City Beverage visit their website at call 423-928-2541.