Dr. Enuf Offers Aspartame Free Drinks

(Johnson City, TN) Tri-City Beverage’s popular Diet Dr. Enuf and Diet Herbal Dr. Enuf beverages are now available aspartame free.

“A lot of consumers are concerned with their health and are counting their carbohydrate intake,” says Vice President of Regional Sales Greg Lyon. “Our diet drinks are not only vitamin-enriched and free of carbohydrates but they are now also free from aspartame. Consumers can enjoy the Dr. Enuf Flavor they love without calories or carbohydrates.”

Both Diet Dr. Enuf and Diet Herbal Dr. Enuf have changed the sweetener used from aspartame to sucralose, most widely known as Splenda.

Sucralose was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998 and is used in a large variety of foods and beverages. Sucralose is made from sugar but has no calories because it is not metabolized. It is also suitable for diabetic consumers. The American Diabetes Association recommendations say, “Scientific evidence has shown that the use of sucralose as part of the meal plan does not impair blood glucose control in individuals with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.”

“Brands such as Cheerwine that have made the switch from aspartame to sucralose drinks have already experienced increased sales,” says Vice President of Local Sales Patrick Sturgill. “That tells us that there is a demand out there for drinks that are aspartame free.”

Sucralose has gained popularity because it does not have the aftertaste that other sweeteners possess.

“We conducted a lot of surveys and targeted a lot of loyal diet drinkers,” said Lyon. “The market tests on the sucralose products produced favorable results. In many instances, customers stated that the drinks tasted sweeter. We are thrilled to be offering a product that maintains the flavor integrity and rich traditions of Dr. Enuf.”

Dr. Enuf is a registered product of Tri-City Beverage. Tri-City Beverage Corporation is a privately owned and operated business based in Johnson City, Tennessee. For additional information on Tri-City Beverage visit their website at https://drenuf1949.wpengine.com/or call 423-928-2541.