Dr. Enuf, Mountain Dew’s Long-Lost Brother

You may not have heard of Johnson City, Tennessee’s Dr. Enuf, but chances are you know its long-lost brother, Mountain Dew. Tri-Cities Beverage Company bottled both until the mid-1960s, when it sold the Dew to Pepsi. While Mountain Dew has gone on to worldwide fame and fortune, Dr. Enuf has remained a hometown favorite.

Like many popular soft drinks, Dr. Enuf was first mixed as a medicinal beverage. The formula came from a Chicago chemist named Bill Schwartz, who developed it as an energy drink. Unlike most sodas, though, it’s still sold that way. “The Original Energy Booster,” reads the bottle. “Rich in Vitamins!” Each bottle of Dr. Enuf contains 220% of the daily requirement of Thiamin and 80% Niacin; the packaging explains what each does and isn’t shy about preaching the healing powers of the blend:

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