Dr. Enuf Introduces High Energy Herbs to Pump Up Profits

Herbal Dr. Enuf includes Ginseng, Guarana
JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — The best tasting energy drink on the market has a new family member. Herbal Dr. Enuf, with its combination of ginseng, guarana and cherry flavor, joins Dr. Enuf and Diet Dr. Enuf on store shelves.

According to studies by the Mayo Clinic, Ginseng fights fatigue, helps with concentration, and boosts the immune system — all things the Ancient Chinese have known for years. It also increases resistance to the effects of stress and improves circulation and mental functioning, while reducing the risk of cancer.

The second new herb is Guarana. This native herb from the Amazon has the same chemical composition as caffeine, and produces similar actions. Guarana is acknowledged to increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and to increase stamina and physical endurance.

Dr. Enuf, on the market since 1949, is a lemon-lime soft drink rich in B vitamins and potassium iodide. The combination of vitamins, caffeine and pure sugar make Dr. Enuf the first energy drink on the market.

“We are incredibly excited to now include herbs in Dr. Enuf,” said Charles Gordon Jr., president of Tri-City Beverage. “Our goal has always been to provide premium quality, great tasting drinks, and now, we’ve accomplished the feat again with Herbal Dr. Enuf. It is top notch in quality, taste, and it’s healthy! Truly one of a kind.”

As well as providing herbs, vitamins, and minerals to the energizing Dr. Enuf carbonated beverage, they are adding the taste as well. A touch of cherry flavor is in the new Herbal Dr. Enuf to further enhance the beverage drinking experience.

“If you’re looking for an energy drink with a great cherry taste, you want Herbal Dr. Enuf, ” Gordon said. “Energy drinks have always been summertime favorites. With all the vitamins of Dr. Enuf and the added punch of ginseng and guarana, Herbal Dr. Enuf is the high octane of energy drinks.”

In addition to the benefits of ginseng and guarana, you’ll also get all the traditional benefits associated with the original Dr. Enuf.

Vitamins are found in Dr. Enuf, both Thiamine and Niacin are B vitamins, which are usually found in foods such as sunflower seeds, pecans, roast pork, peanuts, raw oysters, asparagus and beef liver. Dr. Enuf also has plenty of Potassium Iodide, which is found in bananas, dried apricots, avocados, flounder, lima beans, black-eyed peas, oranges, seedless raisins and dates.

Since 1949, Tri-City Beverage Corporation has bottled Dr. Enuf and distributed it locally in East Tennessee. This healthy beverage is now available in fifteen states.

Here’s a brief summary of the recommended daily requirements found in a 12.68-ounce Dr. Enuf, along with the benefits of each:

o Thiamine (B1) — 260 percent daily requirement
Thiamine (B1) is beneficial in treating fatigue, apathy, moodiness and irritability. It also promotes normal metabolism and digestion.

o Niacin (B3) — 90 percent daily requirement
Along with fatigue, Niacin is beneficial in treating skin disorders (particularly on parts exposed to the sun), diarrhea and premenstrual cramps. It is essential to providing energy to the body and in maintaining healthy skin.

o Potassium Iodide — 120 percent daily requirement
Helping to keep your electrolyte count up, which is essential during and after exercise, Potassium Iodide has long been associated with preventing muscle cramps. It also helps with muscle weakness, fatigue and loss of appetite.