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Dr. Enuf Delivers Vitamin-Based Energy Boost For The U.S. Market

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., March 6 — Consumer demand for products with a vitamin-based power punch has drawn a half-century-old formula for the nation’s first carbonated, vitamin-enriched soft drink into the national spotlight. Claiming its position as the “original energy booster,” Dr. Enuf contains nutrients proven to help build stamina and combat other ailments. Many observers… Read more »

Dr. Enuf helps Downtown businesses.

JOHNSON CITY- “Arts and Music Festival 2000” has received an outpouring of support from area businesses, including a generous contribution of $5000 from Dr. Enuf which contributed enough to meet most of the almost $6000 needed to finance the event. As the celebration’s leading sponsor, Dr. Enuf has enabled what would have been a nice… Read more »